JSTI | Group Company Profile Video 2019 is Released!

No one stands alone in today’s world, we all stand together
We have always been curious and explored the world around us, relying on trust, intelligence and harmony
To connect people more closely to the world
 JSTI,Connecting the World

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We offer transportation solutions across a variety of terrain and climate conditions,
Roads that span the highest mountains and the deepest valleys
Roads that cross the most difficult terrain.
Wherever the brave chooses to go,
They prove that anything is possible.
Everyone is creating their own story,
Stories that are filled with highs and lows,
Along with great hardship and joy.
Connecting through accessibility.

We offer comprehensive inspection of the full life cycle of projects,
long-span bridges crossing rivers and seas,
Renowned cultural and heritage sites,
And many other types of construction across the world.
We are the force which keeps our world moving,
Our care, concern and protection is behind all that we do,
Guarding people's safety, their comfort and happiness.
Connecting through trust.

We are building smart cities around the world,
Which brings life and vitality to our oldest cities once more,
Whilst giving every neighborhood the chance to thrive.
From communication, energy and transportation to all aspects of life,
We make the city a more pleasant place to be.
Everyone’s dreams can be realised,
When they are connected to their city.
Connecting through intelligence.

We are dedicated to improving the environment,
Providing services that include monitoring, protection and repair,
We work to preserve the gift of nature,
Protecting our waters, our mountains and our skies.
Our lives are tied to the nature that surrounds us,
Our choices influence the future of our world.
Connecting through harmony.
Ideas converge,
Innovation goes on,
Change continues.
We have an ambition to connect the world,
And celebrate the beauty that surrounds us all.
JSTI , To provide value to our clients through sustainable innovations.