JSTI | [Create a Quality Demonstration Project for Rural Highway Construction] Intelligent Construction Management & Control System Applied to Nanjing Chunma Highway Construction Project

      Recently, the Chunma Rural Highway Construction Project (hereinafter referred to as “Chunma Highway”) in the Jiangning District, Nanjing entered into the stage of asphalt pavement construction. The smart construction site platform for highway projects independently developed by JSTI Group is applied in this project to realize the precise and intelligent control of asphalt pavement construction and guarantee the asphalt pavement construction quality for the Chunma Highway.

      The Chunma Highway in the Jiangning District, Nanjing starts at 14th Xue Road in the Jiangning University Town and ends at X201 (Tuyuan Road) with a total length of 14.7km. Constructed along a series of villages for traditional transportation and tourism, the Chunma Rural Highway Construction Project will contribute to improving the rural highway transportation network in the Jiangning District and promoting the development of tourism at the Qinglong Lake Health & Wellness Resort in the northeast region of the Jiangning District. The Transportation Bureau of the Jiangning District plans to construct this project into a city-level quality demonstration project for rural highway construction in Nanjing.
The Comprehensive Display of the Intelligent Management & Control System for Asphalt Pavement Construction
      The intelligent management & control system for asphalt pavement construction employs the sensing technology based on the Internet of Things architecture and 4G transmission technology to collect the data of asphalt pavement construction in the whole process in real time, including five function modules: asphalt mixture mixing, transportation, paving, rolling and alerting management. This system can remotely view the construction data and the front-end videos through a computer or a cell phone app at anywhere and anytime. When abnormal conditions occur in the mixing building, it can promptly give warnings and correct the deviation in real time. At the same time, it can accurately control the speed and temperature of paving as well as the speed, temperature and number of passes of rolling so as to realize the full-process, real-time and continuous management and control of asphalt pavement construction.

The Real-time Analysis of On-site Construction Data
      This project has realized the statistical analysis of big data in construction, and scientifically and reasonably assessed the quality and stability of pavement construction. By extracting the abnormal data during the construction process as well as searching and analyzing the causes of problems in the process of pavement construction to urge all organizations involved in construction to actively take corrective responses, and this system lays the foundation for increasing the efficiency of construction management and improving the quality of construction, which guarantees the quality of rural highway construction.