JSTI|Mark Fu Meets Chinese Ambassador to Spain

      Madrid, Spain, February 28th - Chairman Mark Fu met with Chinese Ambassador to Spain, Lu Fan and Counsellor Wang Yingqi of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce in Spain. Also in attendance were Yu Xinyu, Second Secretary of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and Zhang Youyou, Chief Operating Officer of EPTISA.
Chairman Mark Fu meets with Ambassador Lu Fan
      Mr Fu introduced the history of JSTI Group, its growth and operational status following the acquisition and continued integration of Eptisa. He indicated that as one of the member companies in the China-Spain business advisory committee, JSTI Group will continue to work on improved communication and cooperation between Chinese and Western enterprises. At the same time, Eptisa will continue to actively participate and engage with the various events and services of the Spanish-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, in its role as vice-committee chair.Furthermore, EPTISA will continue to make use of its broad network and respected industry position to create more opportunities and strengthen business cooperation among enterprises within the Spanish-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.
      Ambassador Lu highlighted Eptisa’s clear strengths in its operational status and capabilities. He said that JSTI Group, as a representative of the domestic private engineering consulting industry, has taken an important step in the globalisation of the Chinese engineering consulting industry as a whole. Ambassador Lu suggested that JSTI Group should conduct in-depth research to better understand the management styles and approaches to international integration and transnational compliance management of global enterprises. By doing this, JSTI can provide a framework and reference point for future Chinese enterprises to develop their own paths globalisation, thereby creating more opportunities for co-operation between Chinese and Western companies.